• CCC Launch — Zine Release and Exhibition

    The Boys Club

    Contemporary Cunt Collective (CCC) is a Berlin/Copenhagen-based creative collective exploring forms of visual storytelling and collaborative practices. The collective is hosting their launch event on November 27 at The Boys Club!

    ✨Come by and enjoy a zine release with a drag performance, photo exhibition, as well as drinks & good vibes.✨

    ¨*. ¸.•*¨*.¸¸.•*¨*•. Zine release

    In the zine 'The Reese Witherspoon Effect', CCC offers a humorous critique of the praise cishet men receive in our society when performing work that is culturally perceived as feminine. The collective created the zine during the second lockdown, and it's just been released at selected stores in Berlin.

    The zine will be sold at a ✨discounted price✨ at the event.

    ¨*. ¸.•*¨*.¸¸.•*¨*•. Drag Performance with Karlie Kant

    To celebrate the zine release, the fabulous queen Karlie Kant will perform a dramatized version of the short story 'She had Picked a Good One', a caricatured portrayal of the modern heterosexual relationship inspired by one of Reese Witherspoon's Instagram posts. The performance will start at 20:00!

    ¨*. ¸.•*¨*.¸¸.•*¨*•. Photo Exhibition

    In 2020, CCC released their first photographic project – a collaboration with the world sensation Drag Syndrome, the first-ever drag troupe consisting of performers with Down syndrome. These portraits will be exhibited alongside a photographic sculpture inspired by the zine 'The Reese Witherspoon Effect'.

    ¨*. ¸.•*¨*.¸¸.•*¨*•. IMPORTANT – 2G

    Due to current safety regulations, this will be a 2G event. That means entry only with proof of vaccination or proof of recent recovery from Covid-19. To ensure everyone's safety, you are encouraged to take an antigen test on the day, and please stay at home if you have any signs of symptoms.

    All attendees will be required to "check-in" and leave their names and contact info upon entry to the event. We will retain this data for four weeks only for the purposes of contact-tracing.

  • Doggo Donate #2

    The Boys Club Berlin

    Doggo Donate is a non-profit fundraiser supporting rescue dog organizations and the important work they do. The grand 2nd collection will be launched on 4th of December. There will be four brand new fashion items that are also perfect Christmas presents, just saying. That's not it: Take part in the big doggo donate lottery and win one of eight special Berlin made products. Join us for talks, drinks, snacks and bring your dogs!

The Boys Club is a shared studio, design collective and event space in Neukölln, Berlin. It’s a daily work and studio space for six graphic designers and illustrators, but it's also a community space for the much bigger network of people who come there for drawing nights, discussion rounds, talks, charity events, magazine- and book launches, or who simply drop by for a cup of coffee. The members of The Boys Club work with graphic design, illustration, editorial design, typography, mural paintings and more. You can learn more about and get in touch with individual members below.
  • Viktoria Cichoń

    She creates illustrations combined with hand-lettering for print and digital; she also paints murals and does animation.

  • Siri Lee Lindskrog

    Running Formal Settings, specialising in typography driven graphic and editorial design within the field of culture.

  • Amanda-Li Kollberg

    Running Formal Settings, specialising in typography driven graphic and editorial design within the field of culture.

  • Kristina Wedel

    She nails ideas, concepts and contents visually. In that mission she moves between illustration, graphic design and painting on location.

  • Rosalie Wood

    She creates concepts and surprises, has experience in LX design, design thinking, image making and publication design.

  • Tessa Curran

    Cross-disciplinary graphic designer with a focus on illustration. She has experience as an in-house brand designer as well as a freelance artist.

  • Josephine Rais

    Strategic designer and illustrator focusing on digital and print media, branding and concept development — she also loves to paint murals.